This web dev project is more of a playground to show off the basics of HTML & CSS.  After becoming accustomed (read: spoiled) to Sass, I had to think of a organized approach to my CSS and choose an informative naming convention (I'll say it again, I love BEM syntax!). 

When I started coding, everything was a div and if I could find a CSS trick to make something work, I would use it!  <cringe!> This project wasn't about using tricks, it was about learning how a triangle is made, how a logo spins- and building it myself.   

I've grown leaps and bounds in HTML & CSS proficiency since working at 23andMe.  Every day I'm working on a handful of design specs that have to find a place in our huge codebase.  We use Sass, Foundation, and BEM to keep the front end uniform and maintainable, always updating a stylesheet to keep as a reference.  It's especially fun when I get a project like this holiday campaign to really let the CSS shine!

The Github Repo