The "Ask"

  • Need a marketing site that lists all equipment for sale with prices and photos

Target User Insights & Solutions

  • Mostly Hispanic audience
  • Mostly mobile visitors

My Solution for Point Equipment Rental

I built this light-weight website using Sinatra for my client. Because of his limited budget, I wanted to give him the flexibility to change prices, photos, and descriptions of inventory at will. The admin feature allows him to create, update, or delete items. PER's clientele is largely Hispanic, so we used a catchy Spanish domain that redirects to the main English site. Additionally, despite pricing and spec details provided on the site, the target user typically prefers to speak over the phone. For this reason, I included a phone number call to action on each page.

Overall the site is simple, easy to navigate, and the content is customizable. The client is happy and is currently setting up a marketing plan before launch.


  • Sinatra
  • Ruby, JS, jQuery
  • Active Record, Postgresql
  • Heroku
  • ImageOptim for image optimization

Final Product:

The Code:

GitHub repo