The "Need" 

The mass deals market is fatally flawed. It forces local businesses to slash prices creating a sudden surge in demand they aren't equipped to meet.  The end result is a bad user experience for both the businesses and the consumers.  

As my final project in Dev Bootcamp, I wanted to give restaurant owners a smart marketing tool that reaches the right audience at the right time.  Dinner Winner users tell us when they're hungry, what neighborhood they want to dine in, and how many people are in their party.  If the restaurant is located in their desired neighborhood, the business will be given the opportunity to bid on their patronage with unique offers.  Restaurants can proactively bring in business with Mass Deals that expire daily.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • JS & Handlebars
  • Devise Custom Authentications
  • Twilio API
  • Yelp API
  • Google Oauth
  • Mockingbird for wireframes


The Plan:

As team lead, I shared my vision with the group with mock up wireframes using Mockingbird and sketched out the initial schema design. From there we collaborated on the features for both restaurant goers and owners, but prioritized and edited down the list for the MVP.