I am first generation Mexican American and come from a family almost entirely comprised of entrepreneurs.  My earliest childhood memories mostly entail my little brother and I riding around with my parents to paint houses, go to the trash dump, or meet up with contractors.  "Make it work" was a phrase I understood long before Tim Gunn and a mantra that still motivates me when there seem to be no good solutions.  

I was raised in Houston and had two businesses there, but after falling in love with the Bay Area, I finally moved to San Francisco when I built a website to help people discover free online courses in the early days of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  Inspired by technology and yearning for a new tool to express my creativity, I shifted my career from product development to software engineering.  I now work as a web developer for 23andMe in Mountain View, CA.

Subjects that typically cause me to fall down the rabbit hole:

Neurology- and how we are using it in technology today
Open education
Psychology- specifically sociopathy, schizophrenia, sexuality, and erotic intelligence
Biological anthropology and relationships
Our prison system
Civil, gender, and LGBTQIA issues